DIR EN GREY are back

bio_140830_band[1]It was 2011 when DIR EN GREY released their last full-lenght album. There was also a mini-album in the 2013 The Uraveling and then the single in January Sustain the UNtruth. This is releasing  on December 10 and the title is Arche.
It seams that they are working hard becouse there will be four different editions.

Regular edition is simply the regular edition. No bonus, just the CD.
CD limited edition conatain a second CD with… I don’t know, there are no information about it.
A limited edition with DVD it contains a bonus CD, and a bonus DVD. Comes in a special packaging. So, there will be two CD plus a DVD.
And last the Bluray limited edition which is the same the DVD limited edition but the DVD is a bluray disc. Contain also the CD bonus and special package

What do you think?

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